(TPE01) Head out from Taipei–>Eastern route(Yehliu、Keelung、Jiufen、Shifen)Jiufen & Shifen private tour

Head out from Taipei–>Eastern route

Yehliu Geopark (Chinese: 野柳) is well known by many TV travel shows, is home to a number of unique geological formations including the iconic "Queen's Head", and is located along a cape stretching out from the town of Wanli.

Jiufen, also spelled Jioufen or Chiufen (Chinese: 九份), is a mountain area in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Feel spirited away in this decommissioned gold mining mountain town, originally built by the Japanese and now a maze of lanes and alleyways with rich history and culture.

Sky lantern releasing in Shifen (Chinese: 十分) is a must-do in Taipei. Watching all the people make a wish and launch their lanterns is so much fun. Then seeing the train rumble through the town and everyone scramble off the tracks. Great atmosphere!


09:00 Head out from Taipei→Yehliu Geopark→Lunch at Keelung Miaokou or Jiufen old street→(ruins of the 13 Levels and Yin-yang Sea)→Visit waterfall and release sky lantern in Shifen 90% of tourists choose this plan

Price list of Jiufen & Shifen tour (from Taipei)

5 seats

7 seats

9 seats

1~4 PAX

1~6 PAX

1~8 PAX

8 hrs tour TWD$3500

8 hrs tour TWD$4500

8 hrs tour TWD$5000

Additional fee for overtime

 Every half hour TWD$250

Every half hour TWD$250

Every half hour TWD$250

(Contact: Alan Ching, Line & whatsapp:+886 952 183 777,wechat ID: mingmba1220)

Markup Rules

If you can understand Chinese. And the driver does not need to speak English, no additional fee is required.

If you can understand Chinese. However you hope the driver can speak English with you. No additional fee will be charged. The language degree of driver is basic or moderate.

If you can not understand Chinese and hope the driver can speak English or 日本語 with you. Sometimes additional fee USD$ 35~70 (TWD$1000~2000) per day will be charged. The language degree of driver is fluent.

Quality Warranty

We don't hire drivers who smoke and chew betel nuts.

We don't hire drivers who is inexperienced.

We don't hire drivers who never travel.

Detailed itinerary for your information. You can discuss the route with driver and change the itinerary at anytime without additional fee.

09:00 Pick up from your accommodation.  We will assign the proper vehicle type depend on number of travelers. 


If you want to explore the breakfast in Taipei, you can ask the driver fetch you up eailier.

10:00 First stop Yehliu Geoparkhttp://www.ylgeopark.org.tw(see Queen's Head)

You can visit yangmingshan (http://english.ymsnp.gov.tw/) instead of Yehliu Geopark

12:00 Lunch at Keelung Miaokuo snacks. 

Or go to Jiufen to have lunch directly

12:30 Ruins of the 13 Levels, Yin-yang Sea and Golden Waterfall


12:30 Arrive to Jiufen Old Street. Hope not to rain today.

If you want to see the sunset at Jiufen, you should go to Shifen first.

14:00 Leave Jiufen

15:00 Arrive to Shifen Old Street

16:00 Leave Shifen

17:00 Drop off at your accommodation or any nightmarket in Taipei



Maneger of Eastern Route (Yehliu/Keelung/Jiufen/Shifen)

Alan Chiang

whatsapp:+886 952 183 777

wechat ID: mingmba1220


Ways to book

Write an email to alan.chiang@baoche.tw


Pick up time and place:

Contact phone number and ID (WECHAT、Line、whatsapp ID)


Pay small down payment in advance only (usually TWD$500). Pay the rest to the driver when the tour is finished.